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ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima

Discover the world of inline enhancements with OnePass technology from Manroland Sheetfed


Stimulate your senses. Wake your emotions. Seeing, smelling and touching are qualities that make printed goods unique, attractive and more valuable. The OnePass technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution provides you with these new possibilities.
Cost pressures and ever shorter delivery times require production steps to be reduced and enhancements to be implemented in one single pass. With OnePass technology in the ROLAND 700 Evolution, you can increase productivity through enhanced in-line production.
With the Ultima concept Manroland Sheetfed offers tailor-made solutions for a wide array of applications. Ultima stands for customizing. Whether it is coating before printing or a downstream printing unit after coating – anything that varies from the standard printing and varnishing process finds application-specific solutions with the ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima.
The ROLAND 700 Evolution Ultima® offers maximum flexibility due to its universal configuration possibilities. Water based coating, UV-coating, special lacquers or even opaque white can be applied.
Manroland Sheetfed offers comprehensive SelectDryer configurations that can be flexibly adjusted to every printing requirement and application:
Length and position of drying sections
Position and power of infrared lamps
Temperature management of hot air dryers
Exchangeable UV cassettes (also between printing units, transferter and extension in the delivery)
Pure UV-drying systems (for heat sensitive materials)
UV-white cure dryer for opaque whites
Combination of conventional UV and LED-UV
Cold air showers in the printing units or in the delivery (for heat sensitive materials)
The scope of delivery for the ROLAND 700 Evolution automatically includes the ProServ 360° Performance package. This ensures achieving the promised performance levels and helps manage operating costs.
These services offer permanent productivity monitoring of the machine. All services are performed by certified Manroland Sheetfed service partners.
In reality, job structure frequently determines which automation features are desirable and which are not. It’s not always necessary to invest in make ready time automation when run lengths are long. However, for short runs a high nominal press speed and the related investment costs needed can negatively impact on cost per copy of the finished job.
Manroland Sheetfed offers tailor-made solutions for makeready time reduction, increased output performance and waste reduction specifically to meet the requirements of packaging printers
Evolving toward perfection! The ROLAND 700 Evolution has many innovations that set new standards in printing press construction.
The groundbreaking ROLAND 700 Evolution is designed to handle both current and future challenges. To learn more about the ROLAND 700 Evolution, please contact your local Manroland Sheetfed representative or email: info@manrolandsheetfed.com 


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