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Lọc dung dịch ẩm in offset cuộn LOGOTEC

Filtration system for dampening solution TYPE WEB

Filter system for dampening solution systems on web offset presses
The filter system is directly installed with the central dampening solution tank of the web offset press. Granulate filter technology developed by LOGOTEC issued to purify the dampening solution. The solution is filtered continuously
24 hours in order to get it to an optimized level for printing. Adaptable to customer’s requirements.
Why filtration of dampening solution?
  • for a more stable printing process
  • for less make ready time
  • for clean troughs and system
  • for reaching a longer life cycle of the dampening solution
  • for printing more constantly alcohol reduced
  • for printing more constantly alcohol free
Additional advantages of the system
  • Minimum 4 times longer production availability
  • cost reduction due to less downtime of the press and less use of additives and IPA
  • constant printing quality is guaranteed
  • ecological use of resources is warranted
Technical Data
Unit dimensions:
1200 x 900 x 1700 mm (W x D x H)
Total weight:
342 kg / 437 kg
Electrical supply:
3 PH / PE 400 - 480V 50/60Hz 8A

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