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Easyfoil 130FC

Easyfoil 130FC

Easyfoil 130FC hot foil stamping machine is another new masterpiece launched by Masterwork for the field of double layout hot stamping of high-end milk boxes and food packaging. Paired with Ecocut130CS die-cutting with stripping machine, it forms an exquisite post-press solution for premium folding gift packaging. This machine has a hot stamping speed of 6,000 sheets/hour and a 1,300mm paper format. The pressure can reach 300 tons. lt is suitable for the production of single-layer paper of 90-2,000g/m2, bringing you higher production efficiency and lower production costs. At the same time, this equipment is equipped with the new MP2020 hot stamping control system, which has a non-stop pressure adjustment function. The operation interface is more friendly, the efficiency is higher, and it also provides more possibilities for accessing the modern production management system.

Product Features

Feeding Unit
- Push-pull dual-purpose side lay, easy to switch between push and pull lay
- Equipped with a deceleration mechanism, the paper reaches front lay more smoothly
- High-speed clutch, the main unit can run separately which is convenient for sampling and plate adjustment.
- Shortens the adjustment time
- Maintenance-free synchronous belt drive more stable
- Ultrasonic double sheet detection (optional)
- Manual paper pile lateral adjustment, operation simple and convenient
- Becker vacuum pump

Foil stamping unit
- Foil control computer system
- Three shafts longitudinal foil feeding system
- One shafts horizontal foil feeding system
- External brush roller waste foil collection device
- Holographic hot stamping control system (optional)
- Optional longitudinal 6 shafts, transverse 2 shafts
- The maximum foil diameter is 250mm

Transverse foil control unit
- Transversal foil feeding, more stable
- Waste foil collection in OS operation more convenient

Die-cutting Unit
- Combined base plate with a fine-tuning function
- Extended connecting rod to increase the pressure holding time
- Bidirectional pneumatic locking device for chase and base plate
- High quality main chain, patented front lay compensation mechanism, improve machine accuracy
- 20 independent temperature control zones, the temperature difference is ≤+5°
- High quality intermittent box
- Servo automatic pressure regulation mechanism

Delivery unit
- Mechanical bidirectional paper alignment device
- Pneumatic sampling device

Control system
- New hot stamping control system has the function of non-stop pressure adjustment, the operation interface is more friendly
- Equipped with high-end circuit safety module, reach level 4 safety protection
- Mitsubishi PLC, the calculation and execution speed is faster, stable and reliable
- Modular design for easy maintenance (control and safety protection)

Technical Parameter

Maximum sheet size 1300 x 960mm
Minimum sheet size 550mmx450mm
Maximum die cutting size 1300 x 945mm
Maximum hot stamping size 1300 x 9740mm (machine running direction)
Gripper margin 9 - 17mm
Paper Cardboard: 0.1-2mm (90-2000 gsm)
Corrugated: Max.4.0mm, flatness< 20mm/m2
Max. operating pressure 300T
Die cutting accuracy ≦ ±0.10mm (die-cutting and hot stamping);
≦ ±0.20mm(optional holographic foil stamping)
Max. working speed 6000s/h (optional holographic hot stamping: 5500s/h)
Max. feeding pile height 1,300 mm(including wooden pallet)
Max. delivery pile height 1,100mm(including wooden pallet)
Electrical heating zone 20 zones (Individual adjustable from 40-180 ℃)
Max. diameter of foil roll Machine direction /Longitudinal direction: 250mmTransversal direction: 200mm
Width of aluminum foil 20 - 1300mm
Main motor power 15KW
Overall weight 25T
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 7481mm x 5124mm (including operation platform) x 2480mm
Air source requirements Pressure 0.6 - 0.7 MPa, flow rate ≥0.8 m³/h


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