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Promatrix 106FC

Promatrix 106FC

The Promatrix 106FC is the ideal solution for label and packaging printers looking to provide their customers with the best service possible and flexibly enhance their portfolio by additional solutions meeting the market requirements. The Promatrix 106FC is ideally suited to be used as a professional hot-foil embossing machine and can be used as die-cutter with optional stripping function whenever needed

Product Features

Non-stop Feeder
- Suction head for paper, board, corrugated
- Suction head with quick positioning function
- Pile platform with motorized side alignment
- Mechanical double sheet detection

Feed Table
- Register system
- Pull/push side lay on operator and drive side
- Suction belt table
- Equipped with central positioning for rollers and brushes
- Four front lays with activable optical monitoring
- Ultrasonic double-sheet detector

Platen Press
- Register system
- Motorized cutting pressure adjustment
- Pneumatic locking and opening of upper and lower tools
- Cutting plate fine adjustment
- Air cushion for easy cutting plate handling
- Chase Changer (optional)

Hot Foil Unit
- 3 longitudinal foil feeding shafts
- 2 transversal foil feeding shafts
- Hologram device (optional)
- 20 heating zones
- Telescopic foil feeding bars
- Motorized brush device for foil disposal
- Rewinder (optional)

- Non-Stop rolling carpet
- Pneumatic flap for test sheet removal
- Motorized adjustment of brake brush power

Hot Foil Computer System
- Calculation of foil feeding steps
- Adjustment of temperature & cutting pressure
- Regulation of the hologram application
- Job data saving
- Simulation of foil feeding steps

Technical Parameter

Suitable Material Promatrix 106 FC
Paper (min.) 90 g/m2
Cardboard (max.) 2,000 g/m2
Corrugated Borad (max.) 4.0mm
Performance Data  
Sheet size (max.) 760x 1,060 mm
Sheet size (min.) 300 x 350 mm
Cutting pressure (max.) 3.0 MN/ 300t
Machine speed (max.) 7,500 sph
Hot Foil Stamping  
Hot Foil speed 7 ,500 sph
Hologram (option) speed 5,500 sph
Temperature max. 180°C
Number of heating zones 20
Foil reel diameter  
Longitudinal max.250 mm
Transversal max. 200 mm
Foil width 20-1,060 mm
Pile Heights (incl. pallet)  
Feeder pile (max.)  
Without Non-Stop 1 ,500 mm
With Non-Stop 1 ,200 mm
Delivery pile (max.) 1 ,400 mm


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