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ECOPRESS MK1050/E Die-Cutter with Stripping is an economical and practical equipment manufactured by Masterwork for the vast number of printing packaging enterprises. It could make you stand out in a large number of low-level competitions, respond quickly, and work accurately. We do our best to achieve low cost and high productivity. ECOPRESS MK1050/E Die-Cutter with Stripping always maintains our consistent demand for quality. 
Product Features

Infeed unit
- Imported aluminum alloy feeder; adjustable suction tube
- 3 feeder’s anti-collision devices
- Strong sheet suction feeder, with 4 suctions and 4 deliveries

Feed Table
- Driven by chain movement, with stable and reliable operation
- The same as high-end models, with integral adjustable sheet feeding frame and sheet feeding accessories
- Improved slowdown device, with more stable structure
- Equipped with sheet feeding detection and control system, reducing waste

Die-cutting Unit
- The complete set of worm gear and worm from Taiwan to improve the service life of key transmission parts of the machine
- The wallboard and base of main machine should be the resin sand ductile iron cast by British dense baking grade to ensure         long-term reliable and stable operation of the whole machine
- Stay stable when bearing large tonnage pressure

Stripping Unit
- Classic and efficient stripping structure
- Central positioning system
- Upper stripping frame lift-up device

Delivery unit
- Mechanical collection and pressing brush for damping and deceleration
- Bidirectional auxiliary blowing for collection
- Pneumatic sampling mechanism

Control system
- Designed by EU CE standard and equipped with high-grade European brand circuit safety module
- Equipped with double-loop safety protection detection device, which makes detection more stable, accurate and safe
- Imported electrical components

Technical Parameter
Maximum sheet size 1050mmx750mm
Minimum sheet size 400mmx360mm
Maximum die cutting size 1040mmx740mm
Inner chase size 1120mmx779mm
Sheet specification 90-2000g/m2 or 0.1-2mm paper or cardboard
≤ 4mm corrugated board (flatness <20mm/m2)
Maximum pressure 250T

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