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Mastermatrix 106CSB

MÁY BẾ + CHỌC PHÔI + TÁCH LỀ - Mastermatrix 106CSB

Mastermatrix 106CSB is fully new developed with high automation, high intelligence, high speed and high reliability, typical for the customer who pursues the smart producing and high capacity. With the newly developed cutting unit together with Cam-Driven system and optimized gripper curve movement, the highest speed of 9000s/h is reachable.

Product Features

Feed Station
- The paper feeding unit adopts servo drive control to achieve precise synchronization with the host, and can also stop
- The front and rear positions of the feeder head and the side blower can be automatically adjusted according to the work order data (Master Feeder)
- Auto pile correction
- Automatic and electric adjustment of the feeder head height increases convenience of operation and reduces labor intensity
- Ultrasonic double sheet detection
- The third-generation mechanical double-sheet detection device has higher stability, convenience and flexible operation
- Integral adjustable pinch roller frame
- Servo drive main and auxiliary paper feeding
- MasterSet Electronic registration system
- Adaptable to European standard 1200x800mm tray
- Fully Automatic Master Feeder (Optional, used with Feeder Logistic)

Cutting Station
- The new generation main engine structure, high-speed motion curve, and stable main engine oil temperature control system provide more stable die-cutting pressure for high-speed production
- The use of a large angle divider allows paper to run more smoothly
- The bottom plate of the new resin quick lock makes operation easier and faster
- The new steel plate quick-lock mechanism provides higher plate changing efficiency
- If paper is not in place then diverts to forced opening and paper clamping system
- Servo automatic pressure regulating system
- Tool-less one-key two-way pneumatic locking device

- Adopt high-speed, high-precision image and phase sensor
- Can detect color mark, printing pattern, paper edge and other modes
- Using servo control system to achieve high-precision registration of paper
- Large amount of automatic deviation correction and wide adaptability, greatly reducing downtime probability
- The use of non-contact paper conveying avoids scratches on the surface of the paper

Stripping Station
- More accurate and convenient second-generation waste removal tool quick lock system
- Fine-tuning device with digital display
- Waste removal tool centering system
- Pneumatic lifting device for cleaning the upper frame
- The new generation suction plate device allows paper to run more smoothly and stably at high speed

Blanking Station
- Box tool quick lock system
- Fine-tuning device with digital display
- Box tool centering system
- Pneumatic lifting device for upper frame of sub-box
- Automatic paper laying counting device
- Automatic non-stop delivery device
- The automatic discharge device can meet the European standard 1200x800mm tray
- The new generation of suction plate device allows paper to run more smoothly and stably at high speed

Test Sheet Removal
- Waste edge conveying device
- Non-stop sampling device
- Servo driven damping brush control system

Control System
- IPC industrial computer control system, industrial interconnection interface, can connect to Prinect system
- 21.5 inch double large size true color touch human-machine interface
- Production order recipe management function, support fast switching
- Video recording monitoring system, support recording, playback, screenshot function (optional)
- Production operation data statistics function
- Intuitive and concise interface and operation panel
- Whole machine GS certification
- Masterwork cloud service, with remote diagnosis, monitoring and maintenance functions

Technical Parameter
Maximum paper size 1060mmx760mm
Minimum paper size 400mmx350mm
Maximum die cutting format 1060mmx745mm
Inner width of the frame 1096mmx770mm
Mouth blank 9-17mm
Paper size 90 - 2000g/m2 (0.1 - 2mm) paper or solid cardboard
≤2mm(corrugated paper: flatness less than 20mm/m2)
Maximum working pressure 260T
Maximum working speed 9000 pieces/hour
Paper stack Up to 1800mm (including tray)
Delivery stack high Up to 1500mm (including tray)
Main motor power 15KW
Full load power 40KW
Total Weight 22T
Overall dimensions 10.20m (length including foot pedal)
x6.16m (width including foot pedal, electrical cabinet)
x2.94m (height)
Air source requirements 0.65-0.7Mpa, > 0.8m3/min
*The speed of the machine varies depending on the product type. Subject to R&D data

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