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Promatrix 106CS

MÁY BẾ + CHỌC PHÔI - Promatrix 106CS

Promatrix 106CS is the new developed rotary gripper opening die-cutter with speed of 8,000s/h. It fits in both paper or cardboard of 90-2000g/m² and corrugated board less than 4mm. Promatrix 106CS can ensure your efficiency and productivity and is the best option for your cutting due to its high precision work.

Product Features

Non-stop Feeder
- Suction head for paper, board and corrugated board
- Suction head with quick positioning function
- Pile platform with motorized side pile adjustment
- Mechanical double-sheet detection

Feed Table
- Register system
- Pull/Push side lay on both sides
- Suction belt table
- Central adjustment system for rollers and brushes
- Four front lays with active optical monitoring
- Gripper opening for misaligned sheets
- Ultrasonic double-sheet detector

Cutting Station
- Register system
- Motorized cutting pressure adjustment
- Pneumatic locking device for die-cutting chase and cutting plate
- Cutting plate fine adjustment
- Air cushion for easy cutting plate handling
- Quick lock chase
- Chase Changer (optional)

Stripping Station
- Register system
- Integrated quick lock systems for all tools (top, middle, bottom)
- Fine adjustment of tools with position indicators
- Test sheet removal
- Electronic sheet monitoring
- Pre-make-ready table (optional)

Systems Engineering
- Touch-screen for machine operation
- Local operation panels
- CE Conformity
- GS Certificate

- Non-stop rolling carpet
- Pneumatic flap for test sheet removal
- Sheet size adjustment with position indicators
- Sheet brake brush with motorized brake force adjustment
- Tape inserter (optional)
- Gripper edge removal system (optional)

Technical Parameter

Suitable material:
Paper (min.) 90g/m2
Carton Board (max.) 2,000 g/m2
Corrugated Board (max.) 4 mm
Performance data:
Sheet size (max.) 760x 1,060 mm
Sheet size (min.) 300 X 350 mm
Cutting pressure (max.) 2.6 MN / 260T
Machine speed (max.) 8,000 s/h
Pile heights (incl. Pallet):
Feeder pile height (max.)  
- w/o non-stop 1,500mm
- with non-stop operation 1,200mm
Delivery pile height (max.) 1,400 mm

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