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Promatrix 145CSB

MÁY BẾ + CHỌC PHÔI + TÁCH LỀ - Promatrix 145CSB

The Promatrix 145CSB is a large-format die-cutter capable of processing corrugated board in sizes up to 1,060x1,450 mm and blanks up to 1,800 mm thick. It has been widely used around the world because of its advantages such as large format and high efficiency. MK Blanking Machine’s latest Promatrix 145CSB has been developed based on its solid and deep expertise. Complying with Heidelberg international standards, it greatly shortens the typesetting time of MasterSet (optical registration), and the maximum speed can reach 7500 seconds/hour.

Product Features

Non-stop Feeder
- Automatic non-stop (optional)
- Feeder logistics (optional)
- Motorized suction head adjustment
- Motorized adjustment of lateral guides
- Mechanical double-sheet control

Feed Table
- MasterSet optical sheet alignment system
- Central adjustment of the rollers and brushes
- Ultrasonic double-sheet control

- Use high-speed, high-precision image sensors to directly detect color marks, printing patterns, or paper edges, digitally position paper, and improve paper positioning accuracy and product quality
- Adopt servo system to achieve high-precision registration of paper to paper. Large amount of automatic deviation correction and wide adaptability, which brings lower downtime rate of paper feeding

Die-cutting Station
- Register system
- Motorized die-cutting pressure adjustment
- Pneumatic locking and unlocking of chase and cutting plate
- Cutting plate fine adjustment
- Air cushion for easy cutting plate handling
- Quick-lock chase
- Chase changer (optional)

Stripping Station
- Integrated quick-lock systems for all tools
- Tool fine adjustment with position indicators
- Test sheet removal
- Vacuum device
- Pneumatic opening and closing of the window
- Preparation table (optional)

Blanking Station
- Integrated quick-lock systems for the top tool
- Automatic non-stop and pallet change system
- Tie sheet inserter
- Vacuum device
- Pneumatic opening and closing of the window
- Second touchscreen (optional)

Sample Sheet Removal
- Sample sheet removal during production, completely interruption-free
- Sheet is cut, stripped and then made available

Technical Parameter

Processable materials Promatrix 145 CSB
Paper (min.) 90 g/m2
Solid cardboard (max.) 2,000 g/m2
Corrugated cardboard (max.)/with MasterSet 4.0mm/2.0 mm (0.16/0.08 in)
Performance data
Sheet format (max.)/with MasterSet 1 ,060x1 ,450 mm (41.73x 57.09 in)
Sheet format (min.) 450 x 580 mm (17.72x22.83in)
Die-cutting pressure (max.) 5.5 MN/550T
Machine speed (max.) 7,000 sheets per hour.
Pile heights (incl. pallet)
Feeder pile height (max.): 1,800 mm (70.87in)
without non-stop 1,600 mm (62.99in)
with non-stop operation 2,500kg
Feeder pile weight (max.): 2,000kg
Delivery pile height (max.) 1,500 mm (59.06in)
Machine dimensions
Machine length (approx.) 12.9m (507.87 in)
Machine width (approx.) 7.6m (299.21 in)
Machine height (approx.) 3.3m (129.92in)


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