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Diana Smart 55/80/115

Diana Smart 55/80/115

Diana Smart carton gluing machines is high intelligent and full automatic folder gluer, developed based on the advanced technology from Germany. The same idea for Diana family, i.e. smart, reliable, efficient and easier operation has been kept on Diana Smart. The modular architecture is very good for versatile production. It fits for 3 kinds of format, 55/80/115 with max. paper movement of 600mm and highest linear speed of 450m/min.

Product Features

Diana Feeder
- Continuous, stable pre-feeding
- Constant stack height in the feeder
- High production reliability
- Supporting high-speed production

Feeder with Blank Aligning Module
- Short set-up times
- Friction feeder with adjustable belt guides
- Belt replacement in less than 60 seconds without pulling a shaft
- Individual drive for precise speed control
- Transport carriers are adjustable in lengths
- Suction feeder (optional)
- Alignment can be done either to the left or to the right
- Aligning linear is adjustable sidewise in order to skip window cut-outs
- Optional upper/lower center carrier

Pre - folding Module
- Excellent accessibility thanks to low side frames on operator and drive side
- One lower carrier each right and left side
- One upper roller bar on the right side and two upper roller bars on the left side
- Short upper carrier for rear drive side available as option
- Belt folding on drive side
- Optional lock - bottom device

Combine module
- 3 lower and 5 upper carriers
- Processing 4- and 6-corner collapsible cartons
- Comfortable and fast set up to process lock bottom carton
- 1. Back folding shaft in the rear pre folder, 2. Back folding shaft in the combine module
- Safety light gates for full body protection without obstructing the make-ready

Folding Station
- One left and right telescopic roller bar on either side which can be shifted
- Left-before-right folding or right-before-left folding as standard
- Lower center carrier, can be hinged downwards (optional)
- Upper center carrier, can be removed or hinged upwards (optional)
- Lowered side frames for excellent accessibility
- Belt folding for 45 mm open carton width is possible (optional)

Transfer Section
- Electronical speed regulation
- Linear ejector (optional)
- Manual longitudinal adjustment of the upper and lower carriers
- Operation unit with touch-screen Transfer section with integrated linear ejector (optional)
- Servo-drives ensure precise operation
- Transport belts are lowered for ejection
- All carton styles and sizes can be ejected at max. speed

Pressing Station
- Reduces the reject forces of the folded creasing
- Individual pressure adjustment via ergonomically designed hand-wheels for operator and drive side
- Suitable for sensitive carton surfaces
- Lateral positioning together with the exterior lower carriers of the folding station

Compression and Delivery Section
- For size 55, 80 and 115 A, B:
- 600 mm wide compression belt
- 2.3 m compression track
- Manual setting of compression zones
- Soft rubber belts for local pressure application (optional)
- For size 115 C:
- 900 mm wide compression belt
- 3 m compression track
- 4 pressure zones with fine adjustment
- Soft rubber belts for local pressure application (optional)

Diana Packer
- Fully-automated packing into shipping cases
- Packing on crease lines 2 or 4 or on closure flaps possible
- Up to 5 rows per layer and up to 5 layers per case
- Up to 200,000 straight-line cartons per hour
- Pre-calculation of set-up data for fast make-ready
- Automated Case Control available

Machine Interface and Automations
- Touch-screen for machine operation
- Straightforward handling, self-explanatory menu navigation
- SmartSet positioning, can be stored for repeat jobs (option)
- DigiSet: Gives the operator the settings to position carriers based on the configuration of the blank.
- Settings can be stored for repeat jobs.
- AutoSet: Set-up calculated based on the blank and the carriers are moved automatically into position
- Camera system for monitoring the transfer station (option)

Diana Braille Module
- Braille tool, can be positioned across the entire working width
- Several tools can be used in parallel
- High productivity thanks to an optimum number of embossing areas on the embossing metal sheet
- Braille tools can also be set up outside the machine
- Reliable carton transportation at the embossing stage
- Systemic embossing quality control
- Module length shorter than 1,400 mm regardless of the number of Braille tools

Diana Inspection Control Module
- 100 % inline inspection of the entire print image
- Inspection of defined areas with different resolutions
- Setting values can be saved for repeat jobs
- Comparison of read-in image with prepress PDF
- Automatic ejection of defective or skew cartons is possible
- Automated reporting
- Reliable carton transport
- Low energy consumption (blast air and LED lighting)

Technical Parameter

Max. Speed 450 m/min
Material (Solid board) 200 - 600 g/m2
Material (Solid board) N/E/F micro-corrugated board
Min. carton width 45 mm
Max. carton width 550 mm (Diana Smart 55)
800 mm (Diana Smart 80)
1150 mm (Diana Smart 115)


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