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MK Diana Easy 65/85/115

MK Diana Easy 65/85/115

Besides the excellent genes on Diana Easy from Diana series, more energy-saving is available due to optimized driving system, shorter time for commission is needed and higher productivity can be reached due to the easier work on optimized modular units. Lower maintenance cost can be assured due to its easier work. Upgrading work can be done at any time necessary due to the reserved interface for extension. It fits for 3 formats, i.e. 65/85/115.

Product Features

Feeder with Blank Aligning Module
- Designed for fast set-up
- Friction belts with fast positioning carriers
- Friction belt change in less than a minute without pulling driving shafts
- Precise length and pressure adjustable feeder gates for a good control of even odd shaped boxes
- Suction feeder system (optional)
- Blank alignment as standard in the machine
- Alignment can be done to the right or left side
- Alignment ruler sideways adjustable up to 50 mm
- Upper and lower central carrier, upper carrier is tilt able (option and retrofitting)

Pre - folding Module
- Low side frame design gives perfect accessibility for the operator
- Pre breaking for crease lines 1 and 3
- Prepared for code reader
- Upper and lower central carriers (option and retrofitting)

Lock - bottom Module
- Left, middle and right transmission belt as standard configuration
- Glue flap pre - folder device at DS could be installed as optional
- Reserved installation position for the second unit back folding shaft
- Lock - bottom box is equipped with gluing system optionally

Folding Station
- Telescopic upper right and left roller bar
- Left before right folding and right before left folding as standard
- Central carriers as option or easy retrofitting
- Upper roller bar tilt able, easy manual assembly and disassembly of lower carriers due to light -weight construction
- Belt fold down to 45 mm open carton width are possible (optional)

Transfer Section
- Two upper and lower carriers
- Manual adjusting of upper carriers, motorized adjusting of lower carriers
- Inline ejector optional or easy retrofitting
- Touch-screen control panel for comfortable machine operation

Compression Section For the formats 85 and 115 cm
- 600 mm wide compressing belt
- 2,4 m pressing section
- Soft rubber belt for precise pressure balance
- Optional Start/Stop function

 Machine Interface and Automations
- Touch-screen for machine operations
- Easy, intuitive handling of machine interface with self-explanatory navigation menu
- SmartSet: positioning of all carriers can be stored for repeat jobs (optional)
- DigiSet: automatic first set-up calculation for the positions of all carriers (optional)

Technical Parameter

Technical Data   
Max. carton width 650mm(Diana Easy 65);
850mm(Diana Easy 85);
1150mm(Diana Easy 115)
Min .carton width 75mm(Mini cartons as optional:45mm)
Max. carton length 600mm
Sheet size 200-600(g/m2) N/E/F micro-corrugated board
Sheet size corresponds as follows  
Max. working speed 350m/min
Full load power 40KVA
Dimensions Length: standard configuration is 15.5 m
(Diana Easy 65/85/115) Width:2.36m/2.56m/2.86m
Height:1.9 m
Air source requirements 6-10 bar, the maximum flow rate is 0.6m3/min

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