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Máy gấp dán hộp tự động tốc độ cao MK800 FBII 


The machine is driven by new synchronization belt and synchronization belt wheel. With overall steel structure and modularization design, the machine integrates all function parts together, easy to install and debug, ensuring the high speed running and integral performance.
HHS gluing system can be installed as an option. By installing different kinds of accessories, the machine can produce various kinds of boxes such as straight line box, double wall box, crash lock bottom box, 4/6 corner box, partition box etc.
HHS on-line inspection system can also be installed as an option,high speed online inspection and ejecting can be realized.

Product Features

Feeding Section
- Adopts high strength vibrating motor, feeding by vibrating more stable;
- Feeding accessories adopt special profile structure, pneumatic adjusting the up and down, easy to operate.

Pre-folding Section
- Long distance passing realizes the pre-folding of 180° at the first folding line and 135° at the third folding line, make it easy to unfold when filling in.
- Adopt aluminum profile with surface enhanced treatment, light and strong, easy to position, fast to adjust, increasing the installation convenience.

Lock Bottom Section
- Additional modules can be added according to customer's requirement, high flexibility, multiple function;
- Modular design, reserve the position of back folding servo system, the adjusting parameters are calculated from the human interface, easy and fast;
- Injection box accessories can be an option.

Folding Section
- The speed of folding belt can be adjusted, the folding trumpet can be completely avoided.

Compression Section
- Self-developed high speed counting control unit, accurate and easy to operate.

Delivery Section
- Pneumatically adjust the pressure to meet different overlap requirement;
- Drive belt collection, can be adjusted separately according to the jobs to realize perfect stacking;
- The operator can adjust the delivery speed according to the packing speed.

Human Interface
- Adopts PLC control and HMl to realize function section cooperation, automatically detect and recognize the box length, machine running condition and faults prompt.

Technical Parameter

Overall dimension(mm) 14800x2010x2000
Weight 7300
Max. linear speed 400m/Min
Paper 200-800g/m2 cardboard,
N/E/F flute fine corrugated paper
Max. Size(mm) 800x800
Min. Size(mm) 140x90
Boxes Straight line box, Double wall box, Crash lock bottom box,4/6 corner box,Partition box etc.
Rated power 13KW
17Kw(when add back folding options)
Full loading power 15KW
20KW(when add back folding options)
Motor power 11KW
Air source 0.5 - 0.7MPa
Glue solvent quick-drying glue suitable for high speed automatic folder gluer

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