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Counting and Weighing


Counting Modules CMF5  

Automatic Counting module

Counting module model CMF5 suitable to count in pre-set quantity screws, nails, rivets, etc.

- Torsional electromagnetic vibrator diam. from 350 mm to 900 mm
- Electronic panel with modular cards
- Controlled by Imanpack microprocessor
- Photoelectric light barrier suitable to count all products
- Support frame equipped with level screws adjustable in height
- Monitorized transport belt with different speeds to select products. Container with two adjustments for selection of the products
- Rotating plate for screws complete with anti-stop clutch
- Check weigher Zero Defect (optional)
- Easy to connect to conveyors, wrappers

Speed : up to 100 pieces/min
Installed power : 1 kW - Voltagge 400 V - 3ph + PE
Compressed air : 6 bar
Air consumption : 80 lt./min


Weigh/Count Scale

Weigh / Count scale suitable to weigh and count hardware products such as screws, nuts, bolts, washers, fittings, nails, plastic components, and stampings.
The microprocessor control guarantees the max speed.

- Product mm. thickness steel.
- Stainless steel or polyurethane lining, under customer request..
- Feeding Hopper 40 lt
- N.2 pre-feeding vibrating channels controlled by mobile detector.
- N.2 intermediary vibrating channels suitable to feed constantly rough channels and the fine-feed channels.
- N. 2 rough channels with pneumatic flow restriction flaps.
- Final weight by counting with rollers driven by D.C. motor and with microprocessor.
- Weighing basket of 12 lt with pneumatic driven opening system.
- N. 2 Weigh heads equipped with load cell which is mechanically protected against overload.

Speed : up to 15 Cycles / min
Product lenght : Screw Ø Min. M5, length min. 10 mm
Screw Ø Max. M22, length max. 160 mm
Nut Min. M6, max. M24
Installed power : 6,5 kW - Voltage 400 V - 3ph + PE
Compressed air : 6 bar
Air consumption : 100 lt./min
Max dose weight : from 1 kg to 15 kg

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