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Máy xoay chồng giấy LG-T Series

Pile turner LG-T Series

This machine can reverse paper 180° (Paper height 1350 m/m) and inclining backward both turning 90° over 180° paper, then alignment paper by blowing.

  • Complete alignment of sheets with inclining function.
  • High pressure blower of getting rid of paper powder
  • Preventing paper blocking after printing.
  • E style pallet loader, feed pile by pallet truck.
  • Intelligent electronic controller easy and safe to operate.
  • Easily change other kinds of pallets.
Specification T-900 T-1200
Max sheet size mm 540*740 800*1200
Pile loading capacity kgs 500 1000
Platform width mm 900 1250
Platform depth mm 620 900
Max. pile height(included two pallets) mm 1200 1350
Min. pile height(included two pallets) mm 290 650
Power require kw 3.9 5.5
Space require (L*W*H) mm 2150 x 2390 x 1760 2530 x 2815 x 2095
Net Weight kgs 1000 1500
Electrical Supply   As required As required
*Technical data to change without notice

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