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Flexo water polymer tower processor

• 9 channels controller of each working step simultaneously - Pre-exposure time - UVC Exposure time - Processing temperature - Exposure time - Processing time - Dryer temperature - Post-exposure time - dryer time.
• Channels operated:
- one for the pre-exposure
- one with pump for the exposure
- one for the post-exposure with UVC bulbs
- two for the washout
- one for the dryer
• Exposure section equipped with suction surface that grants, together with the high quantity of lamps, a perfectly uniform covering of the various sizes.
• Plate processing in stainless steel tank, via the orbital action of a plate-holder table, (overturnable in model A1) and a set of brushes, adjustable in their height.
• The post-exposure section is in stainless steel and its suction is separated from the suction of the wash-out tank and the dryer.

  Polymer A3FLW Polymer A2FLW Polymer A1FLW
Max plate size mm 370x520 530x760 700x900
UVA exp. lamps 9x40W 10R L. 590 14x40W 10R L. 590 14x60W 10R L.1200
12x60W 10R L.1200
UVC lamps 10x15W L. 437 12x30W L. 894 11x36W L. 1200
Stainless steel tank lt. 27 50 110
Heater 2x600W 4x600W 6x600W
Electrical 400V 50/60HZ
400V 50/60HZ
400V 50/60HZ
Overall size (LxWxH) cm 77x101x120 106x108x120 145x126x120
Weight kg. 174 260 380

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