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Máy cán film cán màng

MODEL Triton 3800

The best value single side laminator on the market and is designed for short to medium size runs. 
An ideal investment if you produce brochures, folders and business cards that needs laminating in a gloss or matt finish.

Single side laminator with de-curling in a very small footprint, extra-large diameter chrome roll with up to 100kg pressure. Feed speed to 10m/min, sheet length from 210 to 520mm width from 200 to 380mm, programmable verlap and burst, weights from180gsm to 400gsm, suitable for most bopp films from 20 to 40 mic, roll width / length to 360mm x 3000m, film stripper and prefer with waste re-reeling option, operation temp. from 80 to 1400C, max roll opening (no anticurling) 5mm, power single phase 2000W.
Laminates up to: 380mm / 500mm
Laminating speed: Up to 10m / min
Maximum laminating width: 500mm
Laminating thickness: 25-32 micron
Paper thickness: 135 - 350gsm
Max paper size: (400-520mm)x 1200mm
Min paper size: 200 x 300mm
Warm-up time: approximate 15 mins
Film core: 3” (75mm)
Power supply: AC 220/240V,50-60 Hz, 13 AMP
Power consumption:  1450/1650W
Dimension: 1900 x 780 x 1285mm / 2100x 900 x 1315mm
Front table size: 600 x 500mm / 700 x 580mm 
Machine weight: 120/140kg
Stand weight: 60/65kg
Transportation weight: 240/270kg
Option: 37SF Universal Feeder
High speed performance.
Slitter and perforator tools and Built in separator, work comes off finished ready for guillotine. Side lays ensure prints are fed centrally. 
Quick set up time. 
Semi-automatic feeder. 
Suitable for traditional offset and digital prints. 
Auto sheet register and overlap system via front guards
Speed/temp control Both - manual
Suction bottom feed
Pile height: 4 cm (depending on paper type size)
-Feeding by the auto feeder can be done continuously loading the pile.
-Adjustable paper separator, general air blast individual orifices, air suction angle, feed speed frequency
Right side Registration belt
Feeding paper tail sensor for Acceleration

MODEL: Trident 36/46/66 - Anti Curl Laminator

The unique two anti-curl bars allows even the thinnest  thickest of laminates to be applied without the worry of a Curled finish  scratch on the back side, especially the image of digital printed. Single side laminate anti or double side laminator
-Two Anti curler bars
-Single-sided and double-sided lamination 
-Slitter,  perforator option (Mode with suffix of PLUS)
-Silicon rubber top and bottom roller insure the high quality lamination. All the laminators feature high spec silicone rollers which are far better than natural rubber rollers found on cheaper machines. The advantage of the silicone rubber rollers is that they are more conforming to the thickness of the digital print (digital printer toner ink has a definite thickness that makes the surface of the sheet irregular) better presses the laminate to the substrate. This is because the silicone rubber gives a little to take up the irregular surface  gives a more equal pressure to the film, reducing the incidence of bubbles under the film* 
-Variable height rotating roller for de-curling of thicker stock with no scratching of the inner side. 
- Adjustable tensioner brake, pressure according to substrate thickness (Max 400N).   
-Takes 1” 3” cores.
-Two anti-curler bars (sharper one for thin paper round one for thick paper).
-De-curler bypass and double lamination.
-Available in three sizes: 360/460/660mm.
-Variable speed control.
-Solid construction heavy duty system. 
-Extra high upper roll holder is suitable for jumbo rolls. 
-Anti-jam reverses mechanism.
-Attached safety shield.
-Independent heated rollers.
-Perforator for easy separation just by hand.
-Slitter work come off finished-ready for guillotine.
-Adjustable left side guide on the in feed table to align the substrate to be feed into the rolls. 
Trident 360 460 660
Paper width 360mm 460mm 660mm
Dimension (cm) 60 x 45 x 42 75 x 45 x 42 90 x 45 x 42
Net weight 30kg 45kg 55kg
Amp 2A 4A 8A
Paper thickness 0.1-5mm
Laminate speed 1.5m/min
Temperature Adjustable
Pre-heating 10-15min
Power supply 220V/50Hz

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