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Máy cắt ảnh - cắt danh thiếp - Card Cutter

Programmable slitter cutter with black mark reader 
• Business cards • Compliment cards • Photos 
Cost effective card cutter for all sizes of cards. Compact size, A4 or A3 versions. Card from 120gsm to 300gsm, cut width 85/90/100mm, programmable cut length 45/50/54/95/127, optional online creasing / perforating, auto card feeder, double sheet separator, image compensation by mark reader, long life blades.
Model 210CC 320CC 340CC+
Paper length 350mm 480mm 480mm
Paper weight 180-300gsm 180-300gsm 180-300gsm
Paper width 220mm 320mm 340mm
Cutting rows 3 3 3/5
Speed (A4) 5 sheets/min 5 sheets/min 10 sheets/min
Tray capacity 8mm
Cutting precision +/- 0.1 mm
Cutting length 40-150mm adjustable (0.1mm increments)
Weight 10kg 19kg 23kg

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